Welcome to the company FMO.

- Your competent partner in surface finishing!

Since the year 1999, we operate on the market for industrial varnishing and industrial labeling. Our strategical alignment on perfect quality and innovation did not change since that time. In the last years, we continued to invest in efficient machinery engineering and created future-oriented Human-Ressource-Management. We decided to create an in-plant-training in technical and commercial professions in our company. Actually we have 50 employees in our company. We are settled in two productions locations and expect a steady business growth in the next years.

We see us as a complete supplier in industrial varnishing and provide our customers the complete vertical integration. Our automated production allows us to be flexible in varnishing middle-sized and big-sized orders. Small-sized orders will be varnished by hand.

The varnishing of bulked small-sized pieces is possible with the tumbling technology. This technology allows us to varnish small-sized pieces economically. In this machines we handle matching geometries as bulk material, this minimize our personal-resource. The material usage is with the high transfer efficiency very economic.

In our industrial printing department is it possible to finish the surface with pad-vrnishing and screen-varnishing. Anothe core-competence is laser-printing, we are here operating in varnish-removing.

We are happy to include well-known companies in automotive-, appliance-, furniture-, bicycle- and electronic industry. To meet these requirement, we are certified according to DIN EN 9001:2008.

We invest in a new production building in Lemgo-Lieme.

The grand-opening of our new production facility in Lemgo-Lieme will be in 2015.